An auto-rickshaw driver from Kerala just left after realizing a dream. Anoop won the 25 crore Onam bumper prize on Sunday, just one day after his application for a 3 lakh rupee loan was approved.  When this happened, Anoop was planning to work as a cook in Malaysia.

Anoop, who works as an auto-rickshaw driver, bought the winning ticket on Saturday from Bhagavathy Agency. He paid for TJ 750605, the winning ticket. Anoop, the winner, resides at Sreekariyam with his wife, a child, and mother. Anoop purchased the winning ticket from a neighborhood merchant close to the Pazhavangadi Ganapathi temple. Anoop allegedly stole the ticket from his close relative Sujaya, a sub-agent of the agency, according to Bhagavathi agencies.

He said that there wasn’t enough money to purchase the ticket, so he grabbed some cash from his son’s piggy bank. Anoop will receive Rs. 15 crores as prize money after deducting taxes and other debts. A ticket purchased at Pala in the Kottayam district and sold by an agency won the second prize of Rs 5 crore.

Anoop has reportedly been purchasing tickets for the past 22 years. He explained to media representatives who had gathered close to the ticket office that he had not liked the initial ticket he had purchased and had instead chosen a different one that had worked out well for him.

He responded that building a home for his family and paying off his accrued debts are his top priorities when asked what he plans to do with the windfall. In addition, Anoop stated that he would assist his family, engage in charitable endeavors, and launch a business in Kerala’s hotel industry. He was at the agency with his wife, who informed reporters that he had been purchasing tickets for years.

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