Apple Inc.’s long-awaited mixed-reality headset is getting closer to reality, according to a report today, with the company’s operating system getting a new name ahead of its scheduled release next year.

According to Apple guru Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who cites sources, the name of the operating system that would power the headgear has been altered from “realityOS” to “xrOS.” The “XR” stands for extended reality, a phrase that encompasses both augmented and virtual reality. New versions of major apps such as Messages and Maps are rumored to be among the OS’s features. “xrOS” will also have a software development kit that will let third-party developers build their own apps and games.


Gurman also cites recent Apple job listings that show the company is developing its own 3D-based “mixed-reality environment,” which is somewhat surprising given that Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously stated that he dislikes the “metaverse.” People can connect, work, shop, and play games in virtual reality platforms known as the metaverse. Virtual collaboration tools and a VR version of FaceTime that will compete with Meta Platforms Inc.’s Horizon Workrooms are also aiming with the device.

Development on news

Reports of a potential Apple headset date back to at least 2015, with the headset characterized as suffering due to internal politics in a May story. It was reported in August that an Apple subsidiary had trademarked the phrase “Reality,” along with “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor” in the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand and Uruguay.

The headgear may still have a name as Reality or a variant on the theme. Although Apple gadgets often include part of their names in the titles of their operating systems, such as iOS, tvOS, macOS, and watchOS. Although the headgear may launch “next year,” previous sources stated that it will debut this year. As of August, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Cho predicted a January release, with versions priced between $2,000 and $2,500.

According to Bloomberg News, the mixed-reality operating system will include new versions of major apps. It includes Messages and Maps, as well as a software development kit. Third parties may use this kit to design their own apps and games.

The company’s Technology Development Group is doing the development of the headset, as well as the operating system and apps that go with it. It is a top-secret section and Mike Rockwell manages it. Mike Rockwell. Geoff Stahl, who has directed the development of games and graphics software, has been in charge of the operating system.

Mixed-Reality Universe

According to recent job postings, Apple is trying to establish its own 3D-based “mixed-reality universe”. The device will include virtual collaboration tools and a VR version of FaceTime. It is to compete with services such as Zoom and Meta’s Horizon Workrooms. The Chief of engineering for Apple’s iWork, Notes, and Apple News has joined the headset team.

Deep Dive, having registered in 2017 by yet another shell firm, applied for the name in March in Switzerland. Registrations have been expanding to many countries. These include the United Kingdom, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Ukraine, the Philippines, Australia, Japan, Canada, and the European Union. In September, Deep Dive sued to challenge an unrelated Chinese company’s March US trademark application for the xrOS moniker.

Apple would not be the first to adopt the moniker “xrOS.” Meta, by chance, has a team of roughly 300 developers working on a mixed-reality operating system with the same name. However, it does not appear that this company is behind the most recent trademark filings. Apple CEO Tim Cook has long expressed an interest in augmented reality. The company has developed a platform called ARKit that allows iPhones and iPads to run AR apps.

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