On Monday, September 12, Apple will release iOS 16 for iPhone. The iPhone operating system, which was announced at Apple’s developers’ conference (WWDC 2022) in June, will include several new features such as a redesigned lock screen interface with support for live widgets, iMessage with edit text and unsent function, and native support for spyware protection such as Pegasus.

According to Apple, iOS 16 will be released for supported iPhone customers on September 12. In India, the software upgrade is likely to arrive late tonight or early tomorrow morning. iOS 16 will be available for iPhone 8 and later models. In addition, the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone SE 2022 models will be updated. The new iPhone 14 series will come pre-installed with iOS 16.


When a new update is released, Apple notifies its supported iPhone owners. To manually check for update availability, go to iPhone settings-General-Software Update. This process checks the server for updates and displays the download and install options if one is available. In iPhones, the new operating system may now create various Lock Screens, each with a distinct backdrop. Users will be able to choose between different lock screens with ease.

On the Lock Screen, users will be able to view alerts in an extended list view, stacked view, or concealed view. Notifications will also appear at the bottom of the screen. The Live Activities feature, which will be displayed on the lock screen, will let customers remain on top of what is going on in real-time. Users will be able to monitor the status of their food delivery. They can also access the ‘Now Playing’ controls without having to unlock their smartphone.

More Features

A new streamlined Focus configuration will allow users to choose which apps and individuals they wish to receive notifications from, either permitting or silencing them. Users will be able to switch from Personal Focus to Work Focus with a swipe, with widgets displaying future meetings and to-do lists. Users can now amend a message they just sent or delete a recent communication entirely. They will also be able to flag a communication as unread if they are unable to react at the moment and wish to return to it later.

Lift the topic from the backdrop: Users will be able to remove the background and lift the subject from a photograph. This function will be available in Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look, Safari, and other applications. Users will be able to switch between filters and modes using swipe motions in the new UI. The improved cinematic mode will be available for iPhones 13 and up. A new option known as Lockdown mode will safeguard iPhones from spyware such as Pegasus. The option will be available in Settings under the Privacy tab.

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