For months, rumors circulated that Apple will release updated versions of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with new M2 Pro or M2 Pro Max processors before the end of the year. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple may be done with new Macs for this year, and any new offers will arrive next year.

According to Gurman, Apple intends to launch this model in order to increase its share of the laptop market and provide additional options to consumers. Following that rumor, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculated on Twitter that the next model might be powered by an M2 Pro chip. Interestingly, Kuo never referred to the laptop as an “Air,” instead calling it a “MacBook.”


With new Macs not expected to be released this year, we take a look at all of the new Macs being developed at Apple’s secret labs.

MacBook Pro

In 2021, Apple completely revamped the MacBook Pro family, introducing a new design (with a notch! ), updated M1 Pro and M1 Max silicon for the processors, and more. However, although the MacBook Air received an M2 update this year, the Pro models were left in the dust. As a result, the update was scheduled to arrive later this year, but as previously said, that will not happen.

Spec-wise, we’ll see the new M2 CPUs beneath the hood of the next computers, which should boost their performance even more, as if the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips weren’t already fast enough. According to Mark Gurman, the M2 Max may contain 12 CPU cores and be manufactured using a 3nm technology.

Meanwhile, the design of the next-generation MacBook Pro models will almost certainly remain unchanged. Apple does not like to make frequent design changes, and with the most recent significant redesign completed only last year, Apple will continue to the same formula.

iMac Pro

The M1 iMac debuted last year with a completely new design and, for the first time, Apple’s own CPUs. While it was anticipated at the time that Apple will release an iMac Pro with the standard iMac, this did not occur. Now, rumors are circulating that Apple may indeed be planning to release a Pro model next year.

It is unknown what processor will power a prospective iMac Pro (2022), although when rumors of the machine originally surfaced, it was supposed to be powered by the M1 Pro or M1 Max. Perhaps now that M2 has arrived, we’ll see updated versions of the CPUs powering the iMac.

Mac Pro

The current Mac Pro is still powered by Intel, but if Apple is planning to deliver the next-generation Mac Pro, it will use the company’s own M2 chips — either an M2 Ultra or an M2 Extreme.

MacBook Air (15-inch)

Apple may have increased the screen size of this year’s MacBook Air from 13 to 13.6 inches, but the company is planning a 15-inch MacBook Air, a first for the series. While rumors regarding such a machine have been circulating, it is possible that it may be released in 2023.

MacBook mini

Apple is reportedly working on upgraded versions of the Mac mini to replace the Mac mini M1, which was released in 2020. However, while those devices were originally scheduled to be released this year, the release date has now been moved back to early 2023. It is rumored that at least one of the Mac mini devices will replace the Intel model, therefore eliminating that CPU from the range.

There are also rumors that Apple will change the design slightly, however, it is unclear what this will entail. The new Mac mini, according to YouTuber Jon Prosser, would have a plexiglass-like top with an aluminum frame sandwiched in between. He also predicts that the size will decrease next year.

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