Despite the fact that Android phone makers have been studying innovative form factors for years, Apple has yet to enter the foldable market, although this could change in 2024. The Cupertino-based firm will produce a folding iPad in two years, followed by a foldable iPhone in 2025, according to a new projection from CCS Insight reported on Tuesday by sources.

This strategy is different from what we are used to seeing — Android OEMs like Samsung and Huawei have always started with foldable smartphones rather than foldable tablets, so if the prediction is correct, Apple will take the opposite approach here, bringing the new technology to a potentially smaller iPad market before it comes to its iPhone-lineup.


This is unsurprising. Every year, Android phone manufacturers release a number of models in a variety of series and price ranges, allowing them to keep foldable debuts to a single series, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z-series, while more conventional designs remain on store shelves. This isn’t a luxury Apple has, given that it only releases four iPhones every year, all of which are part of the same ‘series’ (five if you include the odd iPhone SE).

Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight, told sources that “for the time being, it does not make sense for Apple to produce a foldable iPhone.” We predict they will deviate from this trend and instead try out a foldable iPad.” This makes sense given that, while being the world’s most popular tablet, yearly iPad sales in any given year are only a fraction of annual iPhone sales. The segments with the smallest market shares are the best venues for any IT company to start experimenting.

“A foldable iPhone represents a significant risk for Apple.” To begin with, in order to avoid cannibalizing existing iPhones, it would have to be fairly pricey “Wood made a comment. According to the expert, the first foldable iPhone might cost around $2,500, nearly double the price of the Galaxy Z Fold series.

Wood went on to say that Apple will need to be more cautious with its foldable products because critics will be harsh if they have technical flaws. Apple has recently played it safe, allowing other companies to do the hard work with rudimentary technologies and only jumping in when the technology is improved.

Insiders predict that Apple will unveil its own 5G modem around 2025. Apple, which currently uses Qualcomm’s 5G modems, would be able to integrate its own modem into its A-series chipset for a single-chip solution in iPhones.

Apple reportedly continues to enhance its in-house modem capabilities after purchasing Intel’s modem business in 2019.

Foldable smartphones

A foldable smartphone is one that folds. Some variants of the concept employ multiple touchscreen screens mounted on a hinge, while others employ a flexible display. Concepts for such devices can be traced back to Nokia’s “Morph” concept from 2008, as well as a concept presented by Samsung Electronics in 2013 (as part of a larger set of concepts utilizing flexible OLED displays), with the first commercially available folding smartphones with OLED displays debuting in November 2018.

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