The Oceanic+ app, which was launched on stage alongside the Apple Watch Ultra, is now available for download in the App Store. Let’s put it through its paces. The Apple Watch Ultra’s capacity to act as a full-fledged dive computer for recreational divers is one of its more interesting features. Apple did not develop the software, instead relying on third-party developers to provide this experience.

The Oceanic+ app is the first. It was announced during Apple’s fall event with the promise that it will be available on the App Store by the end of the year — and the firm has delivered. The Apple Watch Ultra is designed to withstand the extra pressure that recreational dive computers must withstand, with a maximum working depth of 40 meters. This feature is unique to the Apple Watch.


Feature Details

Oceanic+ provides seven additional complexities that are available to a watch face before ever entering the app. There are various types of problems, some of which are only effective in specific situations. The complications can display flight time, maximum altitude, Oceanic+ launch, planner, settings, and surface time. Small complications are supported by some. while corner complications are supported by others.

You can use the app for snorkeling for free after you launch it. It will show the number of dives you completed during that session, the water temperature, the overall duration, and your maximum depth. This will be a useful companion app for snorkelers to collect data that many dive computers would overlook, such as how many times you dip down. If you want to use the Oceanic+ app for diving, there is simply a charge.

The Oceanic+ app also includes features that provide users with crucial information and tools at a glance, such as no-fly time, surface time, easy access to the dive planner, dive settings, current elevation, maximum elevation allowed, and a rapid access button back into the app.

Users may track and compare all of the specifics of their dives and share their experiences with fellow divers immediately from the app, from planning the dive to the first jump into the first foot back on shore.

Subscriptions for Oceanic+

Users have three subscription choices with Oceanic+. To try out the app, there is a one-time-only day pass for $.99, a $9.99 monthly option, and a variable-rate yearly option. The monthly option will be most popular for the average diver who only dives a few times per year. 

The annual subscription fee is $79.99 for a single user and $129.99 for family sharing. This is great for frequent divers. Some people have objected to the subscription concept as opposed to a standalone dive computer. The Apple Watch Ultra hardware transaction does not support Huish Outdoors. A high price tag for the software might discourage casual divers from using it. 

Many dive computers cost between $300 and $400 as a one-time buy. They may lack Bluetooth connectivity and aren’t as convenient as the device that’s currently on your wrist. You could purchase a conventional Apple Watch and dive computer for about $800, or you could purchase only the Apple Watch Ultra and pay for the app as needed.

The Garmin Descent MK2, which costs $1,400, is a diving computer comparable to the Apple Watch Ultra. For less than the MK2, you could get an Apple Watch Ultra and get eight years of the Oceanic+ app. The Oceanic+ app is now free in the App Store. Apple has added ski and snowboard detection to the Watch Ultra, just days after unveiling the Oceanic+ app.


With the help of a third-party app Slopes, Apple’s Watch Ultra now has extra options for workout detection. Once Slopes is there, the watch can track ski or snowboard exercises. It can also identify the resort in which the user is located. The additional features of the Apple Watch Ultra are only available to paying members.

Users can utilize the Action button on Apple Watch Ultra to activate Slopes. Slopes allow you to assign a specific button to initiate workout detection mode with a single tap. To prevent Slopes from detecting workout actions, press the Action and Side buttons at the same time. Also, the Slopes app is compatible with Siri, and voice commands are available from the menu.

Furthermore, when the Slopes app is active, Apple Watch devices can switch to water lock mode to prevent inadvertent touch on the display with all that snow around. To exit from water lock mode press and hold the Digital Crown for a few seconds.

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