One of the tallest members of the Congress, Ghulam Nabi Azad, announced his resignation on Friday and launched a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi, accusing him of acting immaturely, allowing a group of inexperienced sycophants to rule the party, and engaging in infantile behavior.

Azad blamed Sonia Gandhi’s son Rahul for the Congress’s loss in the 2014 national election. In a scathing five-page letter of resignation, he claimed that a turning point for the party.

He blasted a remote control model in which Rahul Gandhi, his security guards, and personal aides make crucial choices. At the same time, Sonia Gandhi serves just as a token figurehead. The senior leader claimed that Congress is wholly ruined and has passed the point of no return (personal assistants).

The Congress has experienced several significant departures over the previous few years, but Mr. Azad, 73, is the most senior leader to leave. There are rumors that a different senior leader will step down soon. A faction of the Congress has accused Mr. Azad, who was given the Padma Bhushan last year, of cozying up to the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who calls him a close friend.

Mr. Azad, in Congress for over 50 years, dropped the bombshell while all three Gandhis were away. In his statement, Mr. Azad said that the leadership had “tried to impose a non-serious individual” as party head. This had given political ground to the BJP and regional parties over the previous eight years because the leadership had “tried to impose a non-serious individual” as party head.

After Rahul as Leader

Unfortunately, after Rahul Gandhi entered politics, particularly after you named him vice president in January 2013, he destroyed the entire consultation process that had previously existed, Mr. Azad said, noting that Sonia Gandhi had listened to senior leaders. There were no senior or seasoned leaders left, according to him. Further management is now in the hands of a new group of unskilled sycophants.

Congress expressed regret over a prominent politician quitting. This occurred just before the party’s significant “Bharat Jodo” campaign, which Rahul Gandhi would address.

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