Elon Musk intends to fire more Twitter Inc. employees as early as Monday, this time focusing on the sales and partnership side of the business following mass resignations among engineers two days ago, according to Bloomberg.

Elon Musk has made radical, disruptive changes to Twitter since purchasing the social media business last month, including sacking half of the workers and instituting what he terms a “hardcore” work ethic. Musk had issued an ultimatum to Twitter employees: either stay and work long hours in a more “hardcore” version of Twitter or leave with severance compensation.


As a result, more personnel in technical areas chose to depart than planned, compared to those in sales, partnerships, and similar roles, according to the agency.

According to some Twitter employees, Musk urged bosses of those firms on Friday to agree to fire more people. According to the sources, Robin Wheeler, who oversaw marketing and sales, declined to do so. Maggie Suniewick, who managed partnerships, felt the same way. According to the sources, both lost their jobs as a result.

Wheeler had planned to quit Twitter earlier this month but was persuaded to stay, according to sources familiar with the situation. She has assisted Musk in communicating with advertisers who are concerned about Twitter’s shifting standards and vision. Several prominent brands have announced a pause in their Twitter expenditure.

Musk and Twitter

Musk took over as CEO in October. After months of back-and-forth talks, the world’s richest man and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX purchased the social networking site in late October for $44 billion.

In one of his first steps, the self-proclaimed free speech absolutist announces the formation of a “content moderation council” to make choices, a response to worries that Twitter could become a forum for disinformation and hate speech. Musk declares on November 1 that the site will charge $8 per month to authenticate users’ accounts in order to address bot and troll difficulties.

Following that, on November 4, half of Twitter’s 7,500-person workforce was shown the exit doors, sending shockwaves through Silicon Valley. The cull has a significant impact on the marketing department, as well as two-thirds of the design department and maybe 75% of managers.

Musk issued an ultimatum to Twitter employees on November 16, telling them to choose between being “very hardcore” and working long hours, or risk losing their jobs. The ultimatum resulted in “mass resignation” at the company, with several employees creating “#RIPTwitter” and “#GoodbyeTwitter” hashtags on the platform itself.

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