Two days after Cyrus Mistry passed away in an automobile accident close to Mumbai, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Tuesday that anybody riding in the rear of a car without a seatbelt will soon face fines. On Sunday in the Palghar area of Maharashtra, Mr. Mistry, the former chairman of Tata Sons, was driving a fast Mercedes and was not wearing a seatbelt.

“Already, it’s mandatory to wear a seatbelt at the rear seat, but people are not following it. If those in the back seats don’t use seat belts like those in the front, a siren will sound. In an exclusive interview with NDTV, he stressed that “At any lost, lives had to be preserved,” adding that if people don’t wear belts, there will be a fine.

“Regarding the need that passengers in the back wear seatbelts, Mr. Gadkari stated that collecting fines is not the goal but rather raising awareness. He stated that the target was to cut traffic fatalities by 50% by 2024.

The Minister responded directly to a query about the penalty for failing to use a rear seatbelt, “The minimum fine is $1,000.” Asked whether enforcement of a fine will be troublesome since state governments have a role in the matter, the Minister responded, “No. In my opinion, no. They are constantly behind us “.

People who are not following can be readily detected everywhere since there are cameras, according to Mr. Gadkari. When asked if mandating the installation of airbags in the backseat would increase costs, the Minister emphasized how important it is to save lives.

In India, airbags are a legal requirement for both the driver and the front passenger. As of January 2022, the government has mandated that each passenger automobile with a passenger restriction of up to 8 have a minimum of 6 airbags installed. Celebrities are promoting road safety, according to the Minister, who also said he wants media support. “I am truly sorry and feel terrible. We must use the lesson and grow from it. “Regarding Cyrus Mistry’s passing in a car accident, he stated.

In less than five years, traffic accidents in Maharashtra have resulted in more than 59,000 fatalities and 80,000 serious injuries, according to figures released today by the highway police. Over 11% of fatalities and injuries in road accidents in India in 2020 were attributable to the non-use of seat belts, while 30.1% of fatalities and 26% of injuries were attributable to the non-use of helmets.

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