Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is emerging as the Nehru-Gandhi family’s pick to succeed Sonia Gandhi as Congress president. The G-23 could put out a challenger if the Gehlot submits his nomination with the evident support of the Gandhis.

Congress Working Committee (CWC) will convene virtually on Sunday to decide the exact election schedule. This meeting will end any speculation about who will win the position. This critical discussion will be presided over by Sonia Gandhi, who is away receiving medical attention. Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will also be present there.

 The decision to hold the CWC was  next day of meeting of Gandhi Gehlot. Rahul declined to assume control of the party again when Sonia instructed the chief minister of Rajasthan to do so. The chief minister is said to be reluctant because he might have to resign if he becomes party leader.

Non-Gandhi Congress Leader

After over 24 years, Congress can elect a non-Gandhi to the top position to deflect the BJP’s criticism of dynasty politics. Gehlot is more than just a family retainer, even though the party’s detractors can still claim that he is the Gandhis’ pick, precisely because the veteran offers no threat to Rahul.

He is an OBC leader, which will counter the BJP strategy of aggressively courting OBCs. He has the extensive organizational experience, serving as general secretary in several states. Also, he is arguably the most visible face of the Congress in the Hindi heartland, where the party desperately needs to stage a revival if it wants to pose a significant challenge to the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The G-23 leaders think that concepts like decentralization of authority, restoring a system for group decision-making (the Parliamentary Board), and empowering state units have reached their apogee.

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