Doctors incorrectly declared a three-year-old girl dead, but she awoke during her own funeral. According to a recent article in The Mirror, Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza of Mexico was pronounced dead on Wednesday, August 17.

The three-year-old woke up at her burial many hours after the doctors gave her the wrong diagnosis. Camila was brought to the hospital as soon as she opened her eyes at her funeral, where she unfortunately passed away a second time.

Camila’s mother has charged the neighbourhood hospital with negligence and falsely reporting her death. According to reports, the incident happened in the Salinas de Hildalgo Community Hospital in San Luis Potosi.

According to the New York Post, Camila’s family rushed her to the hospital in her hometown of Villa de Ramos after she complained of stomach problems, vomiting, and fever. Camila’s mother Mary Jane Mendoza was advised to send her daughter to a larger hospital. Earlier neighbourhood paediatrician reportedly released her while writing her a prescription for paracetamol.

According to reports, Mary hurried the patient to a different physician when her health continued to worsen. Camila’s doctor prescribed a different prescription and told her to drink water and eat fruits. Camila followed every advice but her health didn’t seem to be getting any better.

A hospital’s emergency room treated her later. The physicians only gave Camila intravenous fluids for ten minutes before removing the oxygen support. Later asked Mary to “let her rest in peace,” according to Mary’s account in the New York Post. Doctors pronounced Camila deceased and gave dehydration as the official cause of death.

Found Pulse

When the family held Camila’s funeral, Mary reportedly saw a glass panel in Camila’s coffin magically fog up. When Mary pointed at it, mourners at first disregarded her, claiming she was “hallucinating” and unable to handle the loss of her child. But afterwards, Camila’s grandmother spotted her eyes shifting, and to her utter surprise, she discovered the young child had a pulse.

Ambulance transported her to the hospital, where staff members tried in vain to bring the young woman back to life before announcing that she had once more passed away, this time from cerebral edema.

Camila’s family has now brought legal action against the doctors who proclaimed her dead. According to reports, the San Luis Potosi State Attorney General opened an inquiry.

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