Google One VPN is now accessible on Windows and Mac devices. The company has released One VPN desktop software for both Windows and Mac systems. A VPN, or virtual private network, secures an internet connection by providing both encrypted transit and an IP address.

Until now, Google One VPN was only accessible for Android devices. It was recently extended to iOS devices. Google claims that it will never utilize your VPN connection to track, gather, or sell your internet behavior.

It’s software encrypts your internet activity for an added layer of security wherever you are connected. When the VPN is on, the program protects against hackers on insecure networks such as public Wi-Fi. It also conceals your IP address, which can be used to monitor your position.


More on Offerings

Google One VPN is offered in 22 countries worldwide. Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States are among them. However, it is not available in India, despite the fact that Google One service and plans are.

Google One VPN service is included with Google One Premium plans. The plans offer 2TB or larger storage and are priced at $10 per month or 650 per month. It should be noted that, while Google One subscriptions are available in India, Google One VPN service is not. As a result, users in India would be unable to utilize Google One VPN.

According to Google, VPN by Google One does not track user network activity. It does not collect information that could expose personally identifiable information about them. One VPN does not log data such as network traffic, including DNS, IP addresses of devices connecting to the VPN, bandwidth used by an individual user, and connection timestamps.

Furthermore, the Internet of Secure Things Alliance has approved the VPN feature accessible on Google One (ioXt). Google One’s VPN capability will be available to Android users for the first time in the United States in October 2020. Google’s VPN adds safe encryption to its traffic online on the phone, independent of whatever app or browser a user is using.

Aside from VPN access, the premium subscription offers storage for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. It also grants access to Gold status in Google Experts, Google Store Rewards (10% cashback), Pro Sessions, and Google Play Points.

More in details

Users can share their VPN and cloud storage with up to 5 people, whether they are using an Android device or an iPhone. The Google One 2 TB plan costs Rs 650 per month or Rs 6,500 per year. Please visit the Google One VPN help page for additional details.

It is worth noting that, unlike many premium VPN services on the market, this does not allow users to alter their location in order to access or unlock media material from different areas on streaming platforms. The Google One VPN, like Apple’s iCloud Plus VPN, assigns an IP address in the region from which the user connects.

Users of the desktop version will need at least macOS Big Sur or Windows 10. While the Mac software supports both x86 and ARM users, the Windows version does not support 32-bit or ARM-based PCs.

Google also has independent parties audit its VPN service. To ensure transparency, the business also distributes the source code for its app libraries. The search engine behemoth has stated that the audit for the desktop apps would be made public in the “coming weeks.”

A virtual private network (VPN) connects a private network to a public network, allowing users to send and receive data as if their computer equipment were directly linked to the private network. A VPN provides increased functionality, security, and control of the private network. It offers remote workers access to resources that are not available on the public network. Encryption is widespread, although it is not a requirement for a VPN connection.

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