Colombo: As per reports, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Former Sri Lankan President, applied for US green card on Thursday so that he can return to the US and accompany his family there. His wife and son are already residing in the US.

According to the Sri Lankan newspaper Daily Mirror, Rajapaksa’s lawyers has already started the process last month for getting Green Card. Worth to mention here, that Rajapaksa and his wife both were US citizens but Rajapaksa quit his citizenship to contest Sri Lankan presidential polls in 2019. Now, on basis of his wife’s US citizenship, he became eligible to apply for Green Card. But, now this procedure will include providing additional papers by his layers in Colombo to complete the procedure.

Rajapaksa, who left his country last month after a massive public protest, is a Ex-Sri Lanka Army man. After getting retired from Army, he joined the IT field to later migrate to the United States in 1998. He came back to Sri Lanka in 2005. Right now, he is living in a hotel in Bangkok with his wife but will fly back to Sri Lana on coming 25th of August.

Rajapaksa journey after leaving Sri Lanka

Though initially, he was planning to stay in Bangkok will November. But due to security issues, he was not able to live openly in Bangkok, and then Rajapaksa planned with his lawyers to come back to Sri Lanka as per Daily Mirror. Following Bangkok police advice, he was not going outside of the hotel. The Bangkok Post published that Special Branch Bureau is looking after the security of Rajapaksa and also the location of the hotel is not told to anyone.

Before Thailand, the Ex-Sri Lankan president also went to Maldives and Singapore. He was on a medical visa in Singapore and extended it twice to stay there. When no extension was given, he moved to Thailand. Thailand’s government asked him to refrain from any political activity during his stay in the country.

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