India and China got into a rhetorical duel over a Chinese military ship that docked in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port earlier this month.

Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka Qi Zhenhong’s comments was intended to be a subtle jab at India for objecting to the docking of the ballistic missile and satellite tracking ship “Yuan Wang 5” at Hambantota port, setting off the verbal spat.

Zhenhong claimed in an essay published in a Chinese newspaper that “foreign hindrance” based on flimsy security justifications is “thorough interference” with Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence. He also referred to “the northern neighbor’s” history of aggression towards the island nation.

The Indian High Commission in Colombo retaliated against Zhenhong for his “violation of basic diplomatic etiquette.” They claimed that the Chinese diplomat’s perception is a reflection of his nation’s acts.

The Indian mission responded sharply, “India, we assure him, is very different.

The high commission also criticized China, saying recent events should serve as a warning and that “opaqueness and debt-driven agendas” are now a significant concern, particularly for smaller countries.

Amid the worst economic crisis since 1948, the island nation made the statement, “Sri Lanka needs help, not unwanted pressure or pointless controversies to promote another country’s goal,” the statement read.

Originally slated to arrive at the Chinese-run port on August 11, the cutting-edge ship “Yuan Wang 5” got delayed. As earlier, Sri Lankan officials refused to provide authorization due to security concerns expressed by India.

On August 16, Yuan Wang 5 arrived in Hambantota port after Sri Lanka let the Chinese ship. It docked at that location to refuel.

In New Delhi

In New Delhi, there were worries as it was its route to the Sri Lankan port. The Chinese ship’s monitoring equipment may try to spy on Indian defense facilities.

India stated that it would make judgments based on its security concerns rather than China’s “insinuations” that New Delhi exerted pressure on Colombo to prevent a Chinese research vessel from visiting the port of Hambantota in Sri Lanka.

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