Bisleri International, one of India’s oldest bottled water companies, is expected to have a new owner shortly, as chairman Ramesh Chauhan has opted to sell his packaged water business. According to sources on November 24th, the senior industrialist is looking for a buyer for Bisleri International and is in talks with a number of parties, including Tata Consumer Products Ltd.

The 82-year-old pioneer of the Indian bottled water industry has also stated why he wishes to sell the business. The octogenarian businessman stated that someone had to handle it and investigate it because his daughter, Jayanti Chauhan, is not interested in running the company.


Jayanti Chauhan began her Bisleri adventure at the age of 24 with the help of her father. She took over the Delhi office, where she began on the ground floor. She also took on the job of rebuilding the plant and automating numerous procedures.

Chauhan has also overhauled Bisleri’s human resources, sales, and marketing departments. She was also in charge of the Company’s Mumbai office in 2011.

More on Jayanti’s efforts

According to Bisleri’s official website, Chauhan has worked hard to streamline processes for Bisleri Mineral Water, Vedica Natural Mineral Water from the Himalayas (the Luxury Segment), Fizzy Fruit Drinks, and Bisleri Hand Purifier. Chauhan has led the Sales and Marketing teams, guaranteeing market penetration while also increasing brand value.

Chauhan has qualifications from the London College of Fashion in Fashion Styling and Photography. She also holds an Arabic degree from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). It is worth noting that Ramesh Chauhan purchased the Bisleri brand from an Italian entrepreneur in 1969. Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. has a more than 50-year tradition. It has developed to become one of India’s top premium beverage enterprises.

Bisleri International has a substantial presence in India and neighboring countries. It has 133 functioning factories and a solid distribution network of almost 4,000 Distributors and 5,000 Distribution Trucks.

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