Kannada action/drama Kantara is not only making money but also garnering praise from all directions. On Friday, Dhanush, the actor, took to Twitter to call Kantara “mind blowing” and a “must watch.” He went on to say that Rishab Shetty, who both directed and featured in the film, should be proud of himself.

Kantara, which translates to “mystical forest,” tells the story of a local demigod (Bhoota) who trades forest land to the tribe’s residents with a monarch in 1870 in exchange for happiness. Many years later, when the king’s son turns selfish and demands the land back, he is killed by Bhoota’s rage.


Dhanush tweeted, “Kantara…” Mind blowing!! This is a must-see… Rishab Shetty, you should be pretty pleased with yourself. Hombale Films, congratulations… please keep pushing the envelope. A warm hug to all of the film’s cast and crew. “God bless (sic) “

Rana Daggubati applauded the film last night on Twitter. The actor uploaded a movie poster with the caption, “Kannada film producers Rishab Shetty and Hombale Films are on fire. Kantara is an outstanding film!! Congratulations to everyone who helped make the film a reality! Rishab Shetty is extremely motivating!”

The cast also includes Kishore, Achyuth Kumar, Sapthami Gowda, and Pramod Shetty. It has had a phenomenal box office run, making $90 million in 13 days worldwide. It has so far generated around 70 crores in Karnataka and is still doing well at the box office.

Prabhas took to social media to voice his thoughts on the film and how he felt about seeing it for the second time. “Watched #Kantara for the second time, and what a beautiful experience!” he wrote in his post. A fantastic idea with an amazing conclusion. In cinemas now!!!

Kantara is also the highest-rated Indian film on IMDb, surpassing KGF: Chapter 2. The film presently has a rating of 9.4 on IMDb, which is the highest for an Indian film. KGF Chapter 2 (8.4) and RRR by SS Rajamouli come next (8). The film premiered with Mani Ratnam’s epic opus Ponniyin Selvan: 1 and performed exceptionally well at the box office.

Chiranjeevi’s Godfather had a decent first week in Karnataka, making over 8 crores. Ponniyin Selvan and Godfather had little effect on Kantara’s box office chances.

The Hindi version of the film hit theaters on October 14, with the Tamil and Telugu versions following on October 15. The film is produced by Hombale Productions, the same company that brought you KGF and KGF 2.

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