LinkedIn, a professional networking site owned by Microsoft, has launched a new feature called ‘Focused Inbox.’ According to the corporation, this functionality provides customers with an improved texting experience.

According to the professional networking platform, the Focused Inbox feature will enhance the messaging experience and make it easier for users worldwide to identify and respond to messages that are most relevant to them. Further, this feature provides consumers with a dual tabbed experience that categorizes their incoming messages as ‘Focused’ or ‘Other.’

The Focused category will include the most relevant new opportunities and outreach, whilst the Other category will include the rest of the users’ chats.


Feature Roll-out

LinkedIn is gradually rolling out its Focused Inbox to all members worldwide, according to the firm. Users will also see a message at the top of their LinkedIn Inbox encouraging them to try out the new functionality. Notably, they have the option of utilizing this feature.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that LinkedIn Chief Executive Officer Ryan Roslansky is preparing the social-networking site for expansion in areas such as India, even as it braces for broader economic challenges by suspending recruiting.

As more organizations and marketers go online, India has become LinkedIn’s fastest-growing market, with sales increasing at 50% year on year, Roslansky told Bloomberg TV on Thursday on the sidelines of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore. Further, what will happen in India in the next ten years is being written right now, he says.

Microsoft Corp.’s business networking service is exploring overseas for fresh development opportunities as the US economy continues to deteriorate. He stated that LinkedIn had delayed hiring in order to prepare for harsher times. According to him, the majority of LinkedIn’s growth occurs outside of the United States, with new members joining the networking site in countries such as India, Indonesia, and Western Europe.

LinkedIn released a new tool last month that lets users on Android and the Web schedule items for later delivery. Moreover, given the AI component, LinkedIn may require some time to learn your email preferences. If you don’t like the Focused Inbox, you can transfer messages between tabs or revert to the standard messaging experience.  LinkedIn is making this move in response to a 20% increase in direct messaging over the previous year.

B2B Marketing

LinkedIn’s B2B marketing services have been updated with a number of features. It gears to assist marketers to target relevant audiences and measure effectiveness. LinkedIn’s drive into B2B advertising revolves around newsletters, product searches, and analytics.

LinkedIn Newsletters now allow producers to create repeating pieces, inform subscribers via in-app notifications, and recommend SEO titles and keywords to help with exposure. Product Pages make it possible to find products using LinkedIn searches by product, category, or company. Products have the feature of highlighting user profiles.

Competitor analytics provide marketers with information about how their posts compare to competitors. Users can see what posts, themes, and tags are performing well for competitors through the new dashboard. It allows them to stay up to speed on relevant subjects in their sectors.

LinkedIn is chasing Microsoft’s quest to claim a larger portion of the digital ad industry. But its specific specialization makes wide appeal more difficult to discover compared to other social platforms. LinkedIn advertising has a low relevancy score. In a September survey, we discovered that only 18% of LinkedIn ad relevance had increased in the previous year. It is the lowest of any social media network.

Nonetheless, LinkedIn is learning from its competitors’ mistakes as well as fundamental changes in digital advertising. Along with the new solutions, the platform announced the launch of a Brand Safety Hub in collaboration with DoubleVerify. It also expanded access to its first-party data, which will allow advertisers to “target, monitor, and optimize”.

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