After winning the internal leadership contest inside the majority Conservative party, Liz Truss was today named the UK’s new prime minister at a time when the country is going through both industrial unrest and a recession. After a contentious and frequently tense party leadership contest that lasted all summer and was sparked by Boris Johnson’s resignation in July, she defeated Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister, with 81,326 votes to 60,399 votes.

Truss pledged to implement “bold” measures to deal with the festering economic crisis as the confirmed successor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Over the next two years, we must demonstrate our ability to deliver. When the results were made public, Truss promised to offer a bold plan to cut taxes and boost our economy. She will also respond to the energy crisis by addressing both the immediate issues we have with the energy supply and how much energy individuals use.

Third Female PM

Liz Truss, 47, will be the third female prime minister of the UK after Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher. Beginning with the resignation announcement, Boris Johnson will transition into his new role. He was forced to make a choice in July after months of the scandal caused support for his administration to dwindle. Further, he will travel to Scotland on Tuesday to deliver Queen Elizabeth his letter of resignation. Truss will accept the monarch’s invitation to join him in establishing a government.

Since the 2015 election, the Conservatives have had four prime ministers, with Truss serving as their fourth. Truss has long been considered the front-runner to follow Johnson. Over that time, the country has seen a series of crises, and it is currently experiencing what is anticipated to be a protracted recession pushed on by surging inflation, which reached 10.1% in July. Truss ran on a platform of decreasing taxes and dismantling bureaucratic dogma, especially in the finance ministry where she had previously served.

According to opposition parliamentarians, Truss’ extensive, pricey, and the difficult to-do list is the outcome of 12 years of failed Conservative administration. Numerous people have called for an early election, which Truss has said she will not allow.

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