Amazon is expected to lay off twice as many staff than it originally stated. According to a new Computerworld article, Amazon plans to lay off up to 20,000 employees worldwide in the next months. According to the study, the corporation rates employees from level 1 to level 7, and employees at all levels are expected to be affected.

The New York Times first reported in mid-November that Amazon will terminate employees following the layoffs of internet titans like Meta and Twitter. According to a recent news story, firm managers were recently instructed to identify work performance issues among employees.


If Amazon fires 20,000 employees, it would represent approximately 6% of its corporate staff. Also, it is approximately 1.3% of Amazon’s 1.5 million-strong workforce, which includes global distribution centres and hourly workers. Employees who are affected will be given a 24-hour notice and severance pay in accordance with their company contracts.

According to the source, company managers have been encouraged in recent days to try to discover work performance issues among employees as part of an effort to lay off roughly 20,000 individuals.

According to the article, corporate personnel has been informed that employees would receive a 24-hour notice and severance pay in accordance with their firm contracts. As per one of the sources who was directly informed about the lay off effort, there is a sense of anxiety among employees in the organization as the story has spread.


The lay off would be the most significant in the company’s history. The changes are being made across the board, with no mention of a specific department or location. According to the source, this is due to over-hiring during the pandemic. Also, the need for cost-cutting as the company’s financials have been dropping.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy acknowledged lay off in a public statement to staff on November 17. Albeit he did not specify the number of employees to be put off. The corporation has already announced lay off in the Devices and Books divisions. Also a voluntary reduction offer for select employees in the People, Experience, and Technology (PXT) group. Meanwhile, sources have confirmed that personnel on the company’s robotics team have been laid off, according to the story.

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