Nora Fatehi, who was questioned by the Delhi Police’s Economic Offences Wing (EOW) on Thursday about her participation with incarcerated conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, claimed in front of the authorities that she was a “victim of the scheme” rather than a “conspirator.”

At its Mandir Marg headquarters, Fatehi was questioned for at least six hours in connection with the Rs 200 crore money laundering case at its Mandir Marg headquarters. Pinky Irani, who allegedly introduced Bollywood actors Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi to Sukesh, was also questioned by the EOW.


During the interview, Nora told the officers that she was a “victim of the plot, not a conspirator,” and she gave them screenshots of her conversations with Sukesh. She talked about her trip to Tamil Nadu for a “charity” event, saying that she was invited by Afsar Zaidi, the promoter of Exceed Entertainment Private Limited and that Super Car Artistry was in charge of putting on the event.

When questioned about who paid for her flight and other expenses, she gave the name Leena Paul and claimed to own Nail Artistry to the “best of her knowledge.” Nora also denied insisting on a BMW 5 Series car to attend the event. The star claimed that she was given the car as a “symbol of love and charity” and that she initially refused it. She reportedly told the cops that Leena approached her at an event, gave her a Gucci bag and an iPhone, and connected her call with her husband, whom Leena described as a “huge fan” of Nora. She stated that it was only then that she learned she was receiving a BMW.

Jacqueline also questioned on Wednesday

Jacqueline Fernandez appeared before the economic offenses wing in the case earlier on Wednesday, where she was confronted with Pinky Irani. According to ANI, Jacqueline and Pinki Irani had a verbal spat during their interrogation by the Delhi Police. Sukesh apparently attempted to fool Nora first, but when that failed, he turned his attention to Jacqueline.

According to reports, Jaqueline was so swayed by Chandrashekhar that she referred to him as the “guy of her dreams” and considered marrying him. According to Special Commissioner of Police (EOW) Ravinder Yadav, there is extra trouble for Jaqueline because she did not cut ties with Sukesh despite knowing his criminal history. Nora, on the other hand, disconnected herself when she suspected something was wrong.

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