Nothing recently introduced the Nothing Ear (Stick) wireless earphones in India at Rs 8,499. The Nothing Ear (Stick), the second product in the UK-based consumer technology start-audio up’s range, is simply the half in-ear counterpart of the Nothing Ear (1).  However, there is more to these wireless earphones than meets the eye.

The standout feature in Nothing Ear (Stick) is the unusual charging/storage case, which is unlike anything else on the market for wireless earbuds. The casing is a small cylindrical item with a rollable mechanism similar to that of traditional lipsticks. It is a plastic case that is translucent, with a white primary cavity. The red accent on the side end, which surrounds the USB-C charging connection, adds to the appearance of Nothing Ear (Stick).


More on Specs

The case appears appealing, but there are several drawbacks in terms of usefulness. Its plastic body is easily fingerprinted and smudged in Nothing Ear (Stick). Furthermore, any lack of protection on the hard plastic renders it prone to scratches. It is lightweight, but its cylindrical shape prevents it from fitting into pockets. Finally, when put horizontally, the case rolls on flat surfaces.

In terms of earbuds, these resemble Nothing ear (1) but lack the in-ear construction. The earbuds provide a secure fit and lightweight construction for a comfortable feel. Nothing Ear (Stick) are fine for everyday usage but consider elsewhere if you require wireless earphones for outdoor health activities like running and jogging.

This is due to the fact that Nothing Ear (Stick) do not provide a secure fit. Furthermore, the half-in-ear design performs poorly in terms of passive noise canceling. There is also no active noise cancellation here. As a result, outside noise leaks inside.

Nothing promotes its wireless earphones as stylish alternatives to Apple’s AirPods. The Nothing Ear (Stick) is no exception, and they do better in terms of design when compared to Apple rivals.

Nothing Ear (Stick) Vs AirPods

There are also press controls, similar to AirPods. However, the Nothing Ear (Stick)’s design language could have done better with touch controls. In contrast to the cylindrical stems of the AirPods, these have rectangular stems. As a result, the button controls on the AirPods do not seem as natural. Furthermore, the pushbutton controls detract from the in-ear fit. This is also true with AirPods. On the plus side, the button controls are precise and avoid accidental triggers.

Aside from that, the Nothing Ear (Stick) is useful for listening to music and attending calls in quiet places. To begin with, the audio performance of the earbuds is richer, with superb mid-and-high details. The bass should have been stronger, but it’s adequate for half-in-ear earbuds. In terms of the in-call experience, the built-in microphones perform admirably in situations with little ambient noise. They, on the other hand, struggle in noisy surroundings.

A modest on-battery life of roughly five hours on a single charge and up to 25 hours with the case rounds out the package. A fully charged case and earphones would easily last ten days if used for two to three hours everyday for music listening and phone conversations. There is no wireless charging for Nothing Ear (Stick), and USB-C charging takes around an hour.


Despite the recent price increase, the Nothing Ear (1) white variant, at Rs 7,299, is less expensive than the Nothing Ear (1) black variant Nothing Ear (Stick). The former has in-ear design, ANC, and wireless charging capabilities. In direct comparison, the Nothing Ear (1) appears to be a better choice. Outside of the Nothing environment, the Nothing wireless earbuds fall short of competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 (Rs 6,999). However, the unique but eye-catching appearance of the Nothing Ear (Stick) is the only reason to consider these earphones.

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