In a magnificent event, Vladimir Putin formally proclaimed the annexation of four regions—Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhia—in a magnificent event, claiming that “this is the will of millions of people.”

President Vladimir Putin mentioned India as an example on Friday, accusing the West of inciting color revolutions in any country for geopolitical gain and claiming that the West sought to turn Russia into a “colony.”


The West… launched its colonial policy in the Middle Ages, and then came the slave trade, genocide against Indian nations in America, plunder of India and Africa, and English and French wars against China… Putin said this at a Kremlin annexation ceremony in St. George’s Hall, according to Reuters.

At the gala ceremony, Putin formally announced the annexation of four Ukrainian regions: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhia, claiming that “this is the will of millions of people.”

“They (the West) pursued people like animals for the sake of territory and riches. This contradicts the very nature of man, which is truth, freedom, and justice “Putin was reported as saying by the sources.

“Following their ambitions, our geopolitical opponents—our opponents, as we used to call them until recently—are willing to put anyone, any country, in the line of fire; to turn it into the epicenter of a crisis; to incite a “color revolution” and unleash carnage,” Putin stated.

“All of this has occurred on multiple occasions. We also know that the West is plotting new battles in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region. But we already have enough of them. “Look at what’s going on now between Russia and Ukraine, or what’s going on on the frontiers of some other CIS countries.” Russia’s president went on to say

Putin stated that the residents of the four seized territories are now “citizens of Russia forever.”. While denying that the takeover was intended to resurrect the Soviet Union, Putin blamed Western countries, which had slapped sweeping sanctions on Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine.  Also, in a very serious speech, Putin said that Russia will now protect its new territory “by any means possible.”

Putin also accused the West of destroying Russian-built natural gas pipelines beneath the Baltic Sea to Germany, an accusation that the US and its allies angrily disputed. The undersea blasts that destroyed the pipelines and caused massive methane leaks this week, according to Nordic nations, involved several hundred pounds of explosives.

Putin’s claim came ahead of an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Friday in New York to discuss the attacks on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, and as Norwegian researchers published a map showing that a massive plume of methane from the damaged pipelines will travel across large swaths of the Nordic region.

The administration of US President Joe Biden denounced Putin’s pipeline assertions as irrational.

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