According to Vladimir Putin, the Western sanctions imposed as a result of Russia’s conflict in Ukraine are a global health epidemic. In a speech given at an economic summit in Vladivostok, he said that Russia was experiencing an economic assault from the West.

The Russian president issued a warning, pointing out that sanctions were reducing the standard of living for Europeans while denying food to underdeveloped countries. Mr. Putin added that Ukraine’s grain was being stolen by Europe from underdeveloped nations.

The Russian military had been blockading Ukrainian seaports for months, but when exports started up again at the beginning of August, the Russian leader claimed that only two grain ships had traveled to Africa, which is false. Mr. Putin made comments that Ukraine dismissed as unfounded in regards to his desire to talk about reopening the agreement.

On February 24, Russia began its invasion, and as of right present, about 5% of Ukrainian territory is under their control. It is now facing a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south and east after being pushed back from territories near Kyiv and the north six months ago.

In response to the war, Western countries imposed sanctions on a significant number of Russian citizens, organizations, and state-run corporations. Due to the European Union’s efforts to lessen its reliance on Russian gas and oil, the Russian government shut down the crucial Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany, citing technical issues. EU ministers will gather on Friday to discuss how to address the situation caused by rising energy prices. One idea for a ceiling on Russian gas prices was derided as ridiculous by the Russian leader.


Mr. Putin said in front of his audience that the West was attempting to impose its culture on other nations. However, today we are witnessing the successive closures of factories and jobs across Europe, Mr. Putin said, adding that many companies had hurried to leave Russia. But with rising prices and businesses finding it difficult to import vital components, Russia is also feeling the pressure.

The EU already forbids direct flights from Russia, and last week its 27 member nations further enraged Moscow by deciding to make it more difficult for Russians to obtain visas. The highly sought-after Schengen visa, which is valid in 22 EU nations, is probably going to cost more as well. The three Baltic states have now taken the agreement further by forbidding Russians from entering Belarus and Russia, with the exception of truck drivers and those traveling for familial or humanitarian reasons.

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