Rocketize: NFTs have quickly experienced a tremendous amount of growth in terms of their development. Numerous NFT marketplaces have been developed as a result of this trend. In addition, it gave rise to a number of additional platforms, the main features of which include the ability to create and trade non-fungible tokens. Projects like FTX and Sandbox are two examples of such platforms.

With new offers, Rocketize enters the cryptocurrency market, following the current trend and seeking to make its mark. Access to the Web3 dApp wallet is made possible through the NFT project Rocketize (JATO). One of the key aspects of the platform is the ability for users to produce and store NFT collectibles.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain technology, Rocketize is a fascinating new initiative. Rocketize’s native token, called JATO, is mostly employed for transactions. All owners of this governance token have the option to join the Rocketize DAO, making it a valuable asset.


Your ability to actively contribute to the expansion of the Rocketize ecosystem is made possible by joining the DAO. Each and every DAO co-participant is required to promote the platform.

A BEP-20 cryptocurrency called JATO, which is deflationary, is traded on Binance. Low transaction costs will be provided by the Binance integration. Furthermore, there will be less wait time between transactions. As a regular passive benefit from transaction costs, it also pays all token holders.

The cross-chain, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange powered by Rocketize promises to be interoperable. By bridging the blockchain gap and bringing the cryptocurrency community together, this DEX will facilitate information flow.

Integrated with NFTs will be Rocketize. The issuance and exchange of NFTs will be possible thanks to its platform. By utilizing its distinctive advantages, it claims to expand its NFT platform and supplant the other NFT trading platforms.

The Rocketize meme coin idea is also prepared to succeed in the cryptocurrency market. It will maintain and build its initiative by enlisting the support of its community, much like its rivals Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

A crowdfunding platform with various integrations will be supported by the ecosystem. By assisting them in raising money to support their initiatives, this program will be helpful to content producers, inventors, and artists.

With a well-defined strategy and an alluring and workable road map, Rocketize is focused. A GameFi platform will be developed, according to its roadmap. By drawing people to the platform, this blockchain-based game will generate extra revenue.

FTX Vs Rocketize

Tokens for FTT are released by the well-known cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Spot trading swaps are possible for its users. Trading in futures and leveraged tokens is also possible on FTX. The use of FTT tokens provides quick transfers and lower trading fees.

The ability for a cross-chain swap is one of Rocketize’s unique features. Users will benefit from swaps without ordering books with Rocketize. Swaps will operate on the power of liquidity pools, creating new potential for profit. The Ethereum blockchain was used to create the Metaverse gaming platform called Sandbox. In its metaverse, consumers are given the option to buy NFT-like assets.

Rocketize Vs Sandbox

In Sandbox, SAND serves as the utility token. The ecosystem is powered by this ERC-20 coin, which also facilitates all awards and transactions within the game. The SAND token is utilized for player-to-player in-game transactions, contest/game session awards, and payment of fees.

Through the link provided below, users can access the presale website and purchase JATO. Once registered, you can choose to buy with a certain sum. Using BTC, ETH, or USDT, you can buy something.

A bonus of 8% is given to members who purchase JATO with ETH. Additionally, customers receive an 8% bonus when they make a purchase during stage 1 of the presale. A 60% incentive is given to people who sign up and make a purchase in the first 30 minutes.

The $40 reward for bringing a friend to the presale is also given to participants. When the invited user purchases a JATO for $100, both parties get a bonus of $40.

The open-source project Rocketize has objectives to achieve and is community-driven. Now primed for launch, the Rocketize ecosystem. To join Rocketize and benefit from its projects, purchase the tokens.

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