According to Russia’s Federal Security Service, an ISIS terrorist from a Central Asian nation who was planning a suicide assault on a member of India’s ruling class for making insulting remarks about the Prophet has been apprehended.

The intelligence agency said, “The Federal Security Service has identified and apprehended in Russia a member of the outlawed (by the Russian Federation) Islamic State international terrorist organization. The detainee is a native of a Central Asian country, who planned to commit a terrorist attack against a member of India’s ruling circles by blowing himself up.”

The report stated that the FSB took note of the would-be suicide bomber swearing loyalty to the IS Emir (head), following which he told to depart for Russia, prepare the required paperwork, and fly to India to carry out this act of terrorism.

The would-be suicide bomber claimed in a video of his questioning, which the CPR released on Monday that he pledged allegiance to the IS Emir in April 2022, had special training, and then flew to Russia, from whence he meant to travel to India. The terrorist, whom the Russian intelligence service would not identify, admitted that he was planning a terrorist attack on a member of India’s governing elite because they had insulted the Prophet Muhammad. The terrorist said, “I was supposed to be given things there to commit a terrorist attack at the behest of the IS for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.”.

Incidents in India

Nupur Sharma, a BJP spokeswoman, was placed on administrative leave, while Naveen Kumar Jindal, the party’s head of media in Delhi, was kicked out of the party following their contentious comments against the Prophet that generated outrage around the Muslim world.

The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act prohibits the dreaded terrorist organization ISIS of its associate groups from operating in India. They are responsible for several brutal attacks and murders in Iraq and Syria.

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