It is crucial to have enough storage capacity in the era of information technology, whether it be on-site or in the cloud. As the volume grows, there are undoubtedly many data, emails, images, and videos that require more storage. Google, a global leader in technology, has now disclosed that it has tripled the storage allowance per user account. The Google Workspace Individual account now comes with 1TB of storage.

In a blog post, the IT business disclosed that upgrading one’s account to 1TB of secure cloud storage is a fully automatic process. Every Google customer will immediately receive the 1TB storage increase when Google launches the new upgrade, replacing the current 15GB storage. Users can upload up to 100 different file formats to Google Drive, including CAD files, PDFs, and several image formats.


In the near future, each Google Workspace Individual account will have 1 TB of safe cloud storage. Every account will automatically be upgraded from its current 15 GB of storage to 1 TB as we roll this out, so you don’t have to do anything to gain more storage. That’s according to a blog post on Google.

As there is no longer a conversion step required, Google has also made it simple for users to edit and collaborate on Microsoft Office files. In-built defenses against spam, spyware, and ransomware have been improved by the IT giant.

The IT behemoth has added a function to Google Workspace that would allow users to add mail merge tags to send numerous emails at once. Additionally, they enable the sender to send recipients a specially prepared email. In order to allow recipients to opt-out of receiving future emails, the default multi-send email option also includes an unsubscribe link.

In addition to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Argentina, and Portugal, the Google Workspace Individual account has been made available in other nations.

Zoom will be one of the platforms on which Google Meet will soon be available, according to Google. By entering a meeting code, users of Zoom Rooms and Google Meet devices can join Google Meet meetings right from their calendars on those devices.

Google One

Utilized all of your Google account’s 15GB of free storage? Google One might be the right choice for you if all you want is extra storage space so you can store more things in Google’s cloud. For Rs 130 per month, you get 100GB of storage with the entry-level plan. There is more, though.

Additionally, you get access to Google Experts for computer help, more editing options in Google Photos, and several other “member advantages” in addition to being able to share that additional cloud storage with up to five family members.

Google Workspace

Google One just offers the essentials, so if you are a professional running a business, Google Workspace with all of its extra features would be a better choice. A business can subscribe to the service, which is effectively a collection of 14 Google apps, to centralize their operations and give their staff members better communication capabilities.

With the entry-level plan allowing 30GB of storage per user for a maximum of 300 users, it also presumably acquires more capacity. You also have access to security and administration controls, an extended 100-person video meeting limit, and a bespoke business domain email addition to all of that.

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