Washington: Authorities said a suspect is suspected of shooting four people “at random” and killing three. Police in the US city of Detroit searched for the suspect on Sunday.

James White, the police chief of the Midwestern city, told the media that the first three victims—two women and a man—were discovered shot several times in different parts of the city in the wee hours of the morning.

According to White, a fourth man saw the suspect looking into car windows and ordered him to stop. The suspect once shot him. According to police, one victim survived, and three people died. Authorities have issued pictures of the suspect and requested anyone who recognizes him to contact the police.

White stated at a press conference that the shootings “look to be very random.” There were other fatal gun violence incidents in the US on Sunday besides the shootings. Authorities in the Texas city of Houston said that a shooter shot and killed three individuals there after first setting fire to their house.

Troy Finner, the chief of police in Houston, made a new press announcement, “This suspect, unfortunately, and very sadly, and very evilly, set fire to several residences, laid wait for those residents to come out, and fired upon them.”

He claimed that firefighters battling the blaze had to hide from the shooter as well. When the police arrived, they shot the man to death. According to Finner, the shooter had recently been informed that he would be evicted. Nonetheless, authorities were investigating whether that “may have been a trigger point” for the shooter.

NFL Player shot

A football player from the NFL was shot in the nation’s capital, Washington, but he is doing well, according to the Washington Post. According to the Post cited police, running back Brian Robinson Jr. with the Washington Commanders was shot twice during a potential carjacking. According to the publication, he was rushed to the hospital, and his injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.

Despite the fact that the majority Americans support stricter gun control laws, the United States is frequently shaken by shootings.

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