iTAD : The opportunity to study and read about the items you intend to purchase online on e-commerce sites is a useful feature that aids decision-making. Because of cutting-edge technology, customers will be able to touch and feel the product.

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras have developed a revolutionary touchscreen display technology that allows users to feel the textures of images as they glide their fingers around the touch surface. Touchscreens can only recognize where your finger is now touching the screen.

‘iTad,’ which stands for interactive Touch active display, is the name given to the new technology. IIT Madras describes it as the next generation of Touch Display technology.


“The researchers may use software to create textures ranging from silky to rough. Smooth tactile surfaces create a new level of interaction “According to the institute’s press release.

iTad does not have any moving parts. An in-built multi-touch sensor instead monitors finger movement and modifies surface friction via software. The program controls friction locally when fingers move across a smooth plane by manipulating electric fields, which is a scientific phenomenon known as ‘electroadhesion.’

According to the study’s chief researcher, M. Professor Manivannan of the Department of Applied Mechanics, “This is the era of iTad. The technology has the potential to improve internet purchasing. We can feel and touch products before buying them from e-commerce sites. A mismatch in customer experience is responsible for around 30% of online shopping returns. They have different expectations based on the photos they see online.”

To improve the technique, Touchlab researchers have collaborated with Merkel Haptics, a start-up located in the IIT-M research park. Dr. PV Padmapriya, CEO of Merkel Haptics, provided more details on the current status of “iTad,” as well as a predicted launch date with potential real-world applications. “In a year, the Touchlab prototype might become a product.

Our goal is to deploy a little device, similar to a computer mouse, on everyone’s workstation to enhance the experience. We have been field testing the device and providing crucial feedback to IIT Madras experts on how to improve its performance.”

Among other things, iTad technology is utilized in automotive, consumer electronics, digital signs, home automation, medical, industrial, gaming, and assistive technology for the visually impaired.

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