UK PM Rishi Sunak committed £50 million in defense funding to Ukraine during his first visit to Kyiv since becoming Prime Minister. Mr. Sunak described his visit to Kyiv as “very humbling,” adding that the UK would continue to stand for Ukraine. The assistance package will help to resist Russian aerial attacks.

The £50 million defense assistance includes 125 anti-aircraft weapons as well as technologies to resist dangerous Iranian-supplied drones, such as dozens of radars and anti-drone electronic warfare capability. Mr. Sunak also stated that the UK will expand its training offer to Ukraine’s armed forces, sending specialist army medics and engineers to the region to provide specialized assistance.


It comes after the UK’s Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, revealed over 1,000 new anti-air missiles earlier this month. During his visit, the Prime Minister witnessed confiscated Iranian-made drones used in recent months to target and bomb Ukrainian citizens.

At Memorial

Before meeting with emergency workers at a fire station, Mr. Sunak lay flowers for the war dead and lighted a candle at a memorial for victims of the 1930s Holodomor famine. “I am proud of how the UK stood with Ukraine from the start,” the prime minister added. And I’m here today to say that the United Kingdom and our friends will continue to support Ukraine in its efforts to end this barbaric war and bring about a just peace.

UK PM Mr. Sunak’s commitment to deploy more air defense help is exactly what President Zelensky would want to hear at a time when Russian bombings have destroyed nearly half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, according to the Kyiv administration.

The men’s dreams for peace and a just resolution to the conflict may seem remote, but Mr. Sunak’s plan to organize a reconstruction conference for Ukraine in London next year will be welcome news for the government and businesses, who sorely need access to international money.

Mr. Sunak also confirmed £12 million for the World Food Program’s response to Ukraine during his visit, as well as £4 million for the International Organization for Migration. Downing Street said that the funds will help to finance generators and mobile health clinics, as well as tens of thousands of severe cold winter supplies for the Ukrainian military.

“The government continues to have Labor’s full backing to help Ukraine, reinforce Nato allies, and challenge Russia’s aggression,” Labor’s shadow defense secretary John Healey tweeted. Ukraine has asked Western countries for assistance in recent months, as a result of Russian aerial attacks on Kyiv and other cities around the country.

Russia Recent Attacks

Earlier this week, Russia unleashed one of its most powerful missile barrages on Ukraine, only days after its troops has to retreat from Kherson. There were strikes all over the nation, from Lviv in the west to Chernihiv in the north, including Kyiv.

This incident occurred during the G20 conference in Indonesia this week, during which Mr. Zelensky stated in a virtual speech that he is “convinced now is the time when the Russian destructive war must and can be stopped.”. While Mr. Sunak was in Bali for the conference, which was also attended by Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, the UK prime minister urged Russia to “get out of Ukraine” and criticized the country for its “barbaric invasion.”

Apart from the United States, the United Kingdom is currently the greatest donor of military aid to Ukraine. According to the House of Commons library, the UK has so far given approximately £2.3 billion and has pledged to match that amount in 2023.

The United Kingdom is also hosting a program aimed at training 10,000 new and existing Ukrainian personnel in 120 days. Boris Johnson, Mr. Sunak’s predecessor, saw Mr. Zelensky in Kyiv in June and August, and Liz Truss was a vociferous backer of Ukraine.

Mr. Johnson has virtually become a cult figure in Ukraine after being one of the first international celebrities to publicly support Ukraine and give military aid. It’s a tall order for UK PM Mr. Sunak to meet so early in his presidency. Many Ukrainians are unfamiliar with the new prime minister, and they will be watching to see how committed he is to support the country.

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