President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ‘India’s solidarity,’ confirming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s contention that it is no longer a “period of conflict.”. The event is significant because the prime minister called Kyiv’s leader on Tuesday, amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict and Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin’s declaration of four Ukrainian regions as a formal part of Russia.

PM Modi underlined his plea for an early end of hostilities and the importance of pursuing the path of discussion and diplomacy in a phone chat with Zelenskyy.


Thanking the prime minister for his support for Ukraine’s “integrity,” Zelenskyy emphasized the significance of his recent speech in which he said that the time was not right for war. On the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) conference in Samarkand, Prime Minister Modi spoke with Putin regarding the current Russia-Ukraine crisis.

“Today’s era is not an era of war,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Putin over the phone.

Taking notice of the conversation between the two leaders in Uzbekistan, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko emphasized the relevance of PM Modi’s message and expressed gratitude. Zelesnkyy extended an offer to the Indian leader and asked him to visit the eastern European country, which is now embroiled in hostilities and military offensives.

Zelenskyy and PM Modi discussed global food security, and the Government of India indicated in a news statement that Ukraine was ready to continue functioning as a guarantor of global food security. Both also discussed nuclear safety and cooperation within international organizations, particularly the United Nations.

In addition, the Ukrainian president emphasized the assistance provided to the war-torn country by the Indian government and the private sector. During the call, Zelenskyy reiterated that Ukraine would not engage in negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russia-Ukraine war broke out in February 2022, and Prime Minister Modi met with Putin to urge Russia to de-escalate its military actions in Kyiv and return to dialogue with Zelenskyy.

However, an unfazed Kremlin leader proceeded to launch attacks on the eastern European country, with the goal of complementing territorial gains. At the moment, Prime Minister Modi’s top priority was to safely return over 20,000 Indian residents living in Ukraine. India was chastised for not sanctioning Russia as other countries, mainly the West, did.

However, in an interview with the media, Indian Foreign Affairs Minister S Jaishankar stated that, despite strong sanctions against Russia, India imports only about 2% of the oil that European countries buy from Moscow.

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